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Youtube Videos Not Playing – ( 2 Best Ways )

Youtube Videos Not Playing : Based on the device you’re using to stream YouTube There are numerous reasons the reason YouTube cannot play any video. Factors such as an defective VPN application bugs, glitches or cache files and many more could cause YouTube to cease to function properly.

So, let’s explore the causes of this issue and methods to address this issue.

Why isn’t My YouTube Playing Videos ?

If YouTube does not play videos or blank It may be due to the following causes:

  • The content you want to watch is geographically-restricted.
  • You’re using Ad-blocker plug ins or apps.
  • The cache files you have are damaged.
  • It is very slow on the internet.
  • There could be viruses lurking in your device or PC.
  • Browser extensions and apps that are not working properly
  • Your browser is not current.

How can YouTube be fixed to stop Playing Video on Mobile or PC?

Let’s look at the easy solutions first. Restart YouTube. Restart YouTube app or the website. Try signing out, then signing back into YouTube. However, if the problem persists Let’s consider other options for fixing the issue.

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Delete Ad-Blocker Plugins and Apps

If you frequently use ads-blocker software on your mobile or ad-blocker plug-ins on your computer, it might cause YouTube does not play videos. These apps and plugins continue to collect your data even as they run within the background. This consumes lots of power and bandwidth and causes some websites or apps such as YouTube to be slow.

In some instances, ads blocker tools may be infected with bugs also, which can cause problems similar to this. We recommend that you turn them off or removing the program completely.

Similar to ads blocker plugins look for other extensions installed on your computer and vice versa. Fun and attractive browser extensions can be appealing however, not all of them are trustworthy. Some have malware, corrupted files and viruses that can cause websites such as YouTube crash and stop playing videos.

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Check the name of the person who runs the extension, and then research the extension to see whether it’s legitimate or not. Look for reviews and the number. of users also. It is recommended to delete extensions that do not appear to be very secure. You can then try opening YouTube again to check if this aids.

Turn off/Enable VPN

VPNs are helpful to access restricted content and conceal your IP. But, this seemingly reliable partner can come with some issues. Certain non-reliable VPNs could invite viruses and bugs, causing applications such as YouTube to slow down or freeze and then not respond.

In other situations it is the procedure of a VPN encryption and transfer of data consumes a substantial quantity of bandwidth. This can result in the speed of the device. Therefore, YouTube might not be able to stream any videos. We recommend disabling VPNs or uninstalling them if you do not need one.

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In reality, YouTube will show an error message or not play the video if it’s geo restricted. To play these videos, you must connect to your VPN. However, it is recommended to only use reliable VPNs and turn them off when they are not required.

Clear Cache

Cache files record your browsing history, login details, searches as well as likes and other. The saved files can help your YouTube browsing experience more efficient. However, after a lengthy time, the cache files may become damaged If they are not cleared on a regular basis. The corrupted files may cause issues with YouTube and cause the site to cease playing video.

Here’s how you can clean caches from your devices:

On Android

  • Click on the Settings.
  • Choose and launch YouTube..
  • Visit the Storage.
  • Click onto Clear Cache.

On iPhone

The iPhone doesn’t have a Clear Cacheoption on the iPhone. Although a handful of applications have the Clear Cache feature, most do not. You’ll have to uninstall and then reinstall the application in order to clean the cache.

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In addition, if you’re not ready to remove YouTube it is possible to remove history and searches yourself. Although this isn’t the complete clearing of cache however, it can aid with minor issues, for instance, if the video isn’t playing.

Google for Windows Chrome for Windows

  • Hold to the left the keys Ctrl, Shift and delete all at all at once. This will display a pop-up window that will clear browsing history.
  • Make sure to check the boxes for the items you’d like to remove. You can also select the time period to delete.
  • Click to Clear Data .

Safari for Mac Safari for Mac

  • Open Safari and open History..
  • Click to Clear Histories and Open the menu .
  • Click to Clear History . You can select the timeframe here.

Stop Hardware Acceleration

This feature is mostly intended meant for PC users. Hardware Acceleration is turned enabled by default. This is when the software interacts with hardware components to enhance the performance of your computer.

Sometimes, however, the computer assigns assignments to GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) instead of the CPU. This could result in browsers to slow down or stop working. Therefore, YouTube could not function correctly.

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You can disable Hardware Acceleration to make YouTube to work properly. Here’s how to do it:

On Chrome

  • Start by opening Settings by clicking on the three dots at the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Navigate to Advanced Settings..
  • Click to System . You can turn off the toggle which is referred to as Use Hardware Acceleration If It’s Available .
  • Restart Chrome.

On Firefox

In contrast to other browsers, it’s rather difficult to turn on hardware acceleration in Firefox. Previously, the hardware acceleration switch could be found in Settings>General>Performance. However, the procedure is a bit complicated. For this, you will need to

  • Start Firefox and type in for the term “config”
  • There will be a Proceed With Caution page. Click to Accept the Risk and proceed
  • Type layers.acceleration.force-enabled on the searchbox.
  • Turn by clicking the double-arrow symbol, and change it to false.
  • Then, again type *gfx.webrender.force-disabled *on the searchbox.
  • Switch the double Arrow icon for it to be set to False .

This setting is default set to False for Windows. If you’re using Linux it is necessary to change the status.

Update Driver for GPU

If your system isn’t incompatible with GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) it might have trouble being able use YouTube in a proper way. This is why upgrading to the GPU drivercan aid in solving this issue.

  • Device Manager. the Device Manager.
  • Double click upon display adapters.
  • Click right-click to open the GPU. On the next menu screen, you will be able to upgrade the driver, disable or uninstall the driver. Select the Update driver .
  • The pop-up will appear with two choices. Select Search automatically to find drivers.
  • You could reboot your PC and try to access YouTube again.

Bonus Tips

Here are some additional suggestions if you’re struggling using the fixes above.

  • Change your Video Quality in Auto.
  • Try opening the movie in Incognito Mode.
  • The browser is updatedto the most recent version.
  • Switch the bandwidth of your internet up to 5GHz when you’re connected to an internet hotspot for mobile devices.
  • Restart yourbrowser.
  • Uninstall and install YouTube.
  • Try opening YouTube on an other device.
  • Clear out the storage on your phone.
  • Stop all programs and apps that are running on the background.
  • Update your mobileand your computer to the most current version.

How do I fix YouTube Not Playing Videos on the TV?

If YouTube does not play any video or doesn’t respond to the TV screen, this may be due to a number of causes that include connections failing or app bugs, old software and much more. Here are some suggestions to resolve this issue.

Reset YouTube App

Start with a simple and efficient technique, reset the YouTube application on your television. By doing this, you will get an occasional refresh to the application and fix any errors that cause video to stop playing.

  • Start the Settingson the TV.
  • Click on the App Store and choose YouTube..
  • Select Force Stop and then choose OK .
  • Returning to the menu of the app Click on “Clear Data”.

It is important to note that resets of YouTube will take away your selected settings, and then reset them to the default settings. It will shut down devices and take you off from YouTube.

Power Reset TV

If you find that the soft-refresh feature doesn’t work for you You can also reset the power on your TV. This can also be helpful with minor glitches and bugs. The process will not alter your saved data.

  • Shut off the TV.
  • Remove the power cord from the outlet.
  • Let the TV off for 60 minutes.
  • Connect the power cord for the TV to the outlet once more and turn it off.

Update YouTube App

Small glitches may occur in the event that YouTube hasn’t had an update in some time. You can therefore refresh the app to see whether the issue is resolved. Just open the TV’s home page , then navigate to the App store or the Google Play Store. Go to YouTube and then choose to upgrade.

Update TV Software

Making sure that your TV is current is another option to eliminate common issues, such as delays and freezing of video. To update your TV, do these things:

  • Open your TV settings.
  • Support Select to Support.
  • Open Software Version Update.
  • Press Releases on Update Now .

Be aware that the settings might vary based on the brand of TV.

Bonus Tips

Here are some other ideas to consider:

  • Sign out, then sign intoagain for YouTube.
  • Verify your internet connection.
  • Startyour router.
  • Remove and install YouTube.

How do I Fix YouTube Video That isn’t Playing on PlayStation?

If YouTube isn’t working on PlayStation You can take to these solutions:

Removing the Saved Data

It is possible to delete saved data and assist in fixing minor glitches in the PlayStation. Here’s how to accomplish it:

  • Click the Settingsfrom the menu in the header on Your PS homepage.
  • Visit the Storage.
  • Choose the System Storage.
  • Select and find Data that is saved .
  • Choose YouTube.
  • Press the Options The controller’s button. Click to select Eliminate .

Other solutions you could try is to uninstall and reinstall YouTube as well as restarting your PlayStation.

Change DNS Settings

Sometimes, the DNS (Domain Name System) service offered by the internet provider could be slow, which can cause YouTube to stop playing videos in the correct way. This can be fixed by changing the DNS provider. this problem. Here’s how to change the DNS provider of your PlayStation.

  • Go to the Settingsand then go to Network..
  • Go to Install internet connection .
  • Choose the type of connection.
  • Choose the Customsetup.
  • Select Automatic Settings for IP addresses.
  • Choose Don’t Specify the DHCP Hostname.
  • Within DNS’s settings, click manual.
  • Test Secondary DNS and Primary DNS.
  • Select Automatic MTU settings .
  • In the Proxy Server, choose Don’t use.
  • Select to test your Internet Connection.

How do I Fix YouTube’s inability to play videos on Xbox?

If YouTube isn’t working on Xbox If you are experiencing problems with YouTube, you can do an unintentional reset. The method for restarting Xbox will fix any bugs or glitches like YouTube slowness.

  • Click on the Xbox button of your console.
  • Select Restart console .
  • Choose to Restart.

You can, alternatively, remove and install YouTube for Xbox.

Are your YouTube Videos playing Normally?

If you try to connect to YouTube to stream videos, you might be faced with a variety of issues such as YouTube blue screen, YouTube black screen, YouTube won’t play and so on. The issues mentioned above will prevent you from making use of YouTube effectively.

In order to restore your YouTube to normal, you have to take some steps. MiniTool offers provided various solutions to the problems with YouTube the green and YouTube dark screen. Now, in this article, we’ll concentrate on the issue of YouTube videos that are not playing.

Top YouTube Video Reasons not playing

The problem of YouTube videos not playing or loading may be experienced by both computers and mobile phones. The problem can be caused by many different causes. The primary causes can be identified in the following manner:

NOTE: Here is one important thing to know, and is the foundation of normal playback of YouTube videos: your internet smartphone or browser must be able to support HTML5. If it does not, YouTube will not play.

  • Web Browser Problems There are a lot of YouTube videos don’t play due to issues that occur due to browser problems. Reloading the YouTube page could resolve this problem. If not, then you’ll require updating your browser on the internet or remove the cache. A different web browser is also an option.
  • Computer issues: YouTube may not play or load videos if there’s something wrong with your laptop or desktop. If this happens you might need to reboot your computer or install an Windows update, if one is it is available.
  • Internet issues If your internet connection is not properly connected, YouTube won’t load videos naturally. If the internet connection is not fast enough it will affect the YouTube video loading process could be affected. If this happens you may reduce the YouTube quality of the video to give it an attempt.
  • YouTube bugs If YouTube videos do not load or playing occurs on or on your Android smartphone or iPhone it is advisable to look into YouTube problems or issues. It is possible to reinstall the app or be patient until YouTube solves the issue.
  • Phone issues: if there is something wrong on the operation of your Android or iOS device and it appears that the device is not up-to-date it is possible to experience this problem. You can upgrade either Android and iOS to test it.

What Should You Do If YouTube Videos aren’t Playing on your PC?

In a variety of situations We offer different solutions. But, most of the time it is difficult to pinpoint the reason behind why YouTube videos not playing or failing to load. If this is the case, explore the methods below each one at a time until you can find the best solution.

How can YouTube fix YouTube videos that Doesn’t Play?

  1. Reload the YouTube page.
  2. Modify the YouTube quality of the video.
  3. Try a different web browser
  4. Remove cache and cookie to the web browser.
  5. Update/Install the browser for the web.
  6. Verify the connection to the network
  7. Reboot the computer
  8. Save the YouTube clip
  9. Update Windows
  10. Go to YouTube

Solution #1 Fix #1: Reload the YouTube Video Page

If you find that the YouTube video does not play even though you’ve been watching YouTube video for quite a few minutes There is likely to be an issue. It is possible to refresh the YouTube video’s page to give it a shot.

However you may also close the browser and then reopen it up again to navigate to YouTube’s YouTube site to determine whether the video is played and downloaded smoothly.

If this does not work, try the next method.

2. Change your YouTube Video Quality

In the event that you set the YouTube video quality has been set to be high, it can take an extended duration to download the YouTube video when your internet connection is slow. In order to make YouTube video play, you must lower the quality. YouTube movie play you need to lower the YouTube quality to a low quality.

Follow these steps to alter the quality of your video on YouTube:

  1. Click on the gear icon located at the at the bottom of the video. Click the gear icon that is at the bottom of the.
  2. Select Quality in the pop-up menu.
  3. Choose the lowest number from the available quality number.

You can then test whether the YouTube video will load successfully. If it does then you can increase the quality of the video a at a time until you have the best quality the connection you have to stream.

If YouTube does not load videos, the following technique could prove helpful.

Solution #3: Try a Different Web Browser

Many users have stated that the issue has gone away when they switch to a different web browser. It is also possible to test.

There are a variety of internet browsers that you can select to try as an alternative. If YouTube videos don’t play using Google Chrome, you can change onto Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera or other browsers for the web.

Solution #4: Remove Cache and cookies for Internet Browser

If YouTube will not play your videos, regardless of which browser you’re using it is possible to clear cookies and caches for your browser and give it a an attempt.

You can look up these two posts in the past to complete the task:

Fix #5: Update/Reinstall Your Web Browser

If the issue is still there then determine if you’re using the most recent version of the browser. If not, make the necessary changes to give it an attempt. Additionally, you could uninstall the browser, and install it again to test if YouTube videos will play in normal.

6. Check Your Network Connection

If you’re YouTube isn’t able to play video, you’ll should check whether your Network connection is functioning properly.

It is possible to visit a different web page to determine if it is open in normal mode. Try several pages and does not have to be an YouTube videos page. If the results are negative There is something that is not right with the connection to the network.

Different methods are available to fix the problem of an internet connection. It is possible to refer to this article for the best solution: 

7. Reboot Your Computer

There could be temporary issues that require you restart your computer. restart your PC to allow Windows resolve the issues for you in a timely manner.

Recommendation: How Rebooting a computer fixes problems? Solutions are here

Fix #8: Download directly the YouTube Video

If you’ve read this you are indicating that your issue is not solved. If that is the case, why not simply download YouTube videos? You can download YouTube videos onto your computer so that you can view the YouTube videos at any time and from wherever when the internet connection is off.

In terms of this YouTube downloader we suggest you should use the MiniTool YouTube Downloader. It’s a free application. It allows you to download the needed YouTube videos in various formats including YouTube to FLAC, YouTube to MP3, YouTube to MP4 and YouTube to WebM.

Then, click the button below to download this program and utilize this software to save YouTube videos onto your computer.

After installing the application on the device you are using, start it and open the main user interface. You will notice it has an interface similar to that of the YouTube interface with the exception that there’s a toolbar at the upper right of the interface as well as there is a blank space on the right.

You can use the YouTube interface just like you would use YouTube through a browser. For instance, you can look up videos by with the search box, and log into YouTube using Google Account. Google Account to view your subscriptions, library, watching history, and much more. Click the hamburger button located on the left side to explore the options you have with this application.

Prior to download YouTube videos, you will must set up adjustments if you need to. You can click on the gear icon located on the right-hand side of the screen and you will be presented with the Settings window. In this window, you can change the default download location and the maximum number of simultaneous downloads.

1. Copy the URL of the YouTube clip you wish to see into the search box located behind that Home icon on the toolbar. Then hit enter.

2. The video you want to download will be displayed. After that, you must click the Download button to proceed.

Tips: If you have joined YouTube using an account on Google Account, you can navigate to history to discover the desired video. You can then hit it and then press the Download button to begin the downloading process.

3. You will get a tiny pop-up window in which you can choose the format of the video you want to download. In addition you can decide to download the subtitles or not.

4. After selecting the format with subtitle, users have to click the button to download the button to initiate the downloading process. The download process will be displayed on the right-hand part of the interface. You will need to wait an extended time until the whole process has ended.

In the end, you’ll be able to access the download directory to directly view the download YouTube video.

But, YouTube still won’t play/load videos. If you’re perseverant enough, you may continue reading to find the next method.

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Fix #9 Fix #9: Update Windows

A few users have reported that YouTube begins to play videos after updating their Windows. Yes it is true that a Windows upgrade can resolve some issues with the latest version. It is worth a try to aid you.

It is possible to go through Windows Start, Settings and then Updates & Security > Look for update to determine if there are updates available. If so, follow the steps to complete an Windows upgrade.

Fix #10: Make sure you’re on YouTube.

If you’ve tried all the methods above but YouTube isn’t able to play your videos, it is possible the possibility of something wrong in YouTube itself.

You can perform these procedures to rule out the problem:

Option 1. If you are using an internet-connected computer to stream YouTube videoson, you are able to make use of a mobile phone to access YouTube’s YouTube video page to check whether YouTube plays videos like it normally. If YouTube isn’t playing videos on your mobile, you can switch to the next method.

Option 2. You can utilize the online detector to see whether there are any problems with YouTube. Here are some options that you could try:

If the test results indicate that YouTube is having issues, it is important to be patient until YouTube resolves the issues.

What should you do If YouTube Videos aren’t playing on your phone?

If you notice that YouTube cannot play videos on your smartphone it could be due to malfunctioning information in the device or your internet connection broken due to a cause.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using the Android smartphone or iOS device Try these suggestions to resolve the problem:

  1. Start your device.
  2. Connect your mobile to an existing wireless service.
  3. Clear the cache of YouTube. YouTube application.
  4. Reinstall the YouTube application.
  5. Update to the latest Android version or iOS version of the phone.
  6. You can watch the YouTube video on an internet browser on your phone.

If YouTube does not play videos even after trying these techniques, it could be some issues with YouTube. It is possible to wait until the bugs are fixed.


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