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weapon! Such as “cruise missiles” to precisely kill cancer cells

In Taiwan, breast cancer ranks first in the incidence of female cancers and second in mortality. Breast cancer can be divided into five subtypes, of which HER2-positive breast cancer often faces a high risk of recurrence. A 57-year-old working woman was diagnosed with HER2-positive breast cancer 5 years ago. At that time, she actively cooperated with the treatment and followed up after the course of treatment. Unexpectedly, after 3 years, one day, swollen lymph nodes were found. In the advanced stage, it deteriorated after receiving treatment, which made her quite afraid that there was no cure, but she had a strong will to survive and did not give up any chance, and finally ushered in the dawn. , and with the assistance of case manager Xie Huizhen, the newly introduced new-generation antibody drug complex has been used for 3 courses of treatment so far, the tumor has become smaller, the condition is stable, and there are few side effects during the treatment, so she can regain hope.

Breast cancer subtypes and treatment methods are complicated
Dr. Ye Dacheng said that the basic principle of breast cancer treatment is to prevent recurrence. In addition to surgical treatment, it must be combined with systemic drug treatment, such as chemotherapy, targeted therapy, anti-hormonal therapy, etc. As for how to choose the appropriate drug treatment? The drug used is not determined by tumor size, but by the subtype of breast cancer. In general, the biological characteristics of breast cancer cells vary, including estrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR), human epithelial growth factor receptor type II (HER2), cell growth division index (Ki-67 ), etc., can be divided into 5 subtypes, and there are corresponding treatment methods:
1. Lumen type A (ER, PR positive, HER2 negative, low Ki-67); anti-hormonal therapy, combined with chemotherapy depending on the situation.
2. Lumen type B1 (positive for ER and PR, negative for HER2, high in Ki-67); anti-hormonal therapy combined with chemotherapy.
3. Lumen type B2 (positive for ER, PR, and HER2); anti-hormonal therapy, targeted therapy combined with chemotherapy.
4. HER2 positive type (ER, PR negative, HER2 positive); targeted therapy with chemotherapy.
5. Triple-negative type (ER, PR, HER2 are all negative); consider chemotherapy, immunotherapy or targeted drugs for BRCA gene mutations.
However, the classification of breast cancer subtypes is quite complicated for patients without medical background, let alone how to choose treatment. Dr. Ye Dacheng explained that if there are breast cancer patients with hormone receptor expression (ER and PR positive), anti-hormone therapy is required; if breast cancer patients with HER2 receptor expression (HER2 positive), in principle, targeted therapy is required.


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