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Unknown mass on body is malignant tumor? Soft tissue sarcoma recurrence how to do? Continuing new hope for targeted therapy

Have you ever had an illegal construction on your body? I found that strange protrusions suddenly grew on the skin. I thought it was just a lipoma. I didn’t expect it to get bigger and bigger. Only when I went to the doctor did I find that it was a rare cancer “malignant soft tissue sarcoma” at work. In the past, when treatment options were limited, there may be amputation or risk of metastases, resulting in poor survival rates. Now not only has the surgical treatment made great progress, but also targeted therapy has come out in terms of drugs. Even in the face of malignant sarcoma, there is a good quality of life and a good chance of survival!

Can the whole body grow? Recognizing malignant soft tissue sarcoma

Malignant soft tissue sarcomas are rare tumors, accounting for only 1% of malignant tumors. In the past, medicine has not yet advanced, only know that the lesions are most often seen from the limbs or trunk, just like growing out of meat, hence the name of soft tissue sarcoma. Later, I gradually learned that the original organs of the body include the abdominal cavity, the retro-abdominal cavity and even the uterus, etc. Soft tissue sarcomas can occur in any soft tissue.

Dr. Chen Weiwu, the attending physician of the Department of Oncology, National Taiwan University Hospital, said that the public can be alerted according to the size. If the lump exceeds the size of a golf ball (about five centimeters), or there is obvious growth, swelling and pain, it is recommended to seek medical examination as soon as possible to confirm whether it is There is a malignant risk. Also, symptoms can vary depending on where the growth is located. When the limbs are swollen, it is often mistaken for sports injuries and sprains; and the abdominal cavity or retro-abdominal cavity, because of the large space, may have to grow to 2-30 cm before feeling; the uterus is difficult to identify fibroids by general inspection. Malignant soft tissue sarcoma should be considered in the event of massive bleeding or persistent pain or bloating that does not improve.In the early treatment of malignant soft tissue sarcoma, surgery is the main treatment option. Some patients will be treated with radiation therapy after surgery to strengthen local control and reduce the risk of recurrence. If surgery or local treatment is not possible, chemotherapy is a very important treatment option. , Because of the large side effects, it is necessary to consider the age of the patient and the risk of recurrence. However, exacerbations or drug resistance problems may still occur after aggressive chemotherapy. Fortunately, there are now targeted drugs that can continue the second-line treatment, which can effectively control the disease and prolong the survival period.

Dr. Chen Weiwu once treated a young man. When he was about to get a job after graduating from college, he accidentally discovered a tumor in his lungs during a health check. At first, he thought it was lung cancer. After a biopsy, he was diagnosed with malignant soft tissue sarcoma, which means that he had lung metastasis. After receiving standard treatment, targeted drug treatment has been continued for three or four years. At present, everything is stable and she can enter the workplace smoothly.

Early detection is the key! Seek immediate medical attention if you find an unknown lump

Don’t be discouraged even if the diagnosis is advanced malignant soft tissue sarcoma, as treatment progresses, there will be more and more different treatment options. It is important to detect abnormality on the body early. Once you are aware of the lump on your body that exceeds the size of a golf ball, and you feel obvious swelling, pain or abnormality, you must seek professional medical assistance as soon as possible.


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