Teijin Water-soluble dietary fiber “Inuria” adopted for school lunches

Teijin recently announced that the water-soluble dietary fiber “Inuria” has been adopted as a material for school lunch bread provided at elementary and junior high schools in Shizuoka Prefecture. From the end of the summer vacation, it will be possible to select bread containing “Inuria” as part of the school lunch menu, and it will be provided to up to 310,000 children, students, teachers and staff. This is the first time that “Inuria” is used as a material for school lunches.

In recent years, children’s health problems have become more serious due to malnutrition and disordered eating habits, and the importance of school lunches as nutritionally balanced meals is increasing. The intake of each nutrient is stipulated by the government as the “Standards for School Lunch Intakes,” but the amount of salt

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