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Teijin Water-soluble dietary fiber “Inuria” adopted for school lunch bread in Shizuoka Prefecture, provided to up to 310,000 people

Teijin Limited (President: Tetsushige Uchikawa) announced on August 24 that the water-soluble dietary fiber “Inuria” was adopted at the Shizuoka Prefecture school lunch party as a bread material for school lunches provided at elementary and junior high schools in Shizuoka Prefecture. did.

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Nutritionists will be able to choose bread containing Inuria, which will be provided to up to 310,000 children, students, teachers, and other people in the prefecture. It contains 4.1g of dietary fiber per 50g standard coppépan, which is about 90% of the standard value of “4.5g or more” for children of the same age per meal as stipulated in the “Standards for School Lunch Intakes”. This is the first time that “Inuria” is used as a material for school lunches.

In the Shizuoka Project of the School Bread and Lunch Promotion Council sponsored by the Shizuoka Prefecture School Lunch Bread and Rice Cooperative Association (Chairman Tetsuya Adachi = Vice Chairman of All Panren), we are working to solve the problems of salt reduction and dietary fiber intake while achieving both deliciousness. was working on. Teijin proposed to the School Bread and Lunch Promotion Council to supplement the amount of dietary fiber with Inuria.

“As a result of recipe development and tasting sessions, nutritionists and other staff in charge of the field highly evaluated the dietary fiber content and taste, which led to the adoption of this product.” “Inuria” has been adopted as a bread material so far. It is easy to dissolve in water, so it is not complicated to add when making bread. A slight sweetness can also be added.


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