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silver-haired people? Famous Chinese medicine teaches the way of maintenance!

It seems that more and more people are suffering from allergies that develop in adulthood .

Food allergy is an antigen (allergen)-specific allergy caused by food. It causes not only itching of the skin and eyes and hives, but also itching and swelling of the mouth and throat, swelling of the respiratory tract and difficulty in breathing. It may also cause anaphylaxis .

Allergies are caused by “acquired immunity,” which treats certain substances as enemies and tries to eliminate them. Its mechanism is similar to that of infectious diseases, but it differs from infectious diseases in that the attack target is actually harmless and that the antibody called IgE plays a central role.

Motohiro Ebisawa, director of the Clinical Research Center at Sagamihara Hospital, who was involved in the supervision of the Food Allergy Clinical Practice Guidelines 2021, said, “The most common food allergies are eggs, milk, and wheat, but eggs and milk are common in childhood. In contrast, there are also food allergies that did not occur in childhood but develop in adulthood.”

Many adults are allergic to fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, etc. ” In recent years, nut allergies such as walnuts and cashews have increased rapidly . The health benefits of nuts have become known, and more people are eating nuts. It seems to be the cause,” (Mr. Ebisawa).


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