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Best Ways to Send Lots of Photos to Someone in Batch

Ways to Send Lots of Photos to Someone in Batch

Ways to Send Lots of Photos to Someone in Batch: If you are at an occasion, tour or event, or other random event there is a chance to take a lot of pictures. The process of sending them to your individuals you want to meet takes a considerable amount of time and could be tedious and long. You can, however, send the images in batches via Email service, messaging websites and other options.

We’ve compiled the most effective ways you can use to send a lot of pictures to someone easily.

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How do you send a lot of Images to Someone in Batch

There are a variety of ways to allow you to send a large number of images to someone in the form of a batch. If you are familiar in compressing file formats, it is possible to make an individual zip file, and then send it via email or other platforms. However, this method involves using a compression software and can be a lengthy task.

There are other ways to let you send an entire set of images to the person you wish to send them to immediately.

Google Photos

In 2015, Google Photos provides users with an efficient space for storing and organizing video and pictures. Because the app is dedicated to video and pictures It enhances sharing and photo networking. With Google Photos, you can back up and save your photos up to 15GB , with the option of upgrading the storage capacity.

Users who have an Google account the ability to share pictures as well as albums and share them with the intended users. If you’re an Android user, iPhone user, or make use of web-based apps you are able to sign into the account you have created, add pictures and then share the photos with others.

It can be sent to anyone on your contact list using the email address or generate a hyperlink. This means you can create a link and then send it anywhere you’d like. It could be a messaging site as well as email or other platform. The images will be of the same resolution of the original and the person who receives them will also receive the same.

iCloud Photo Sharing

Apple users running iOS 12 and above can benefit from using the photo sharing option, and can share many photos with other users. Sharing photos via iOS on other platforms is simple with this feature. You can create the iCloud link once you have selected the images, and then share the photos to anyone.

The storage capacity of iCloud can only be used for 5GB and the link expires in 30 days. This means that these factors must be taken into account when making use of this feature. Apart from that you are able to use this feature across every Apple devices and also make adjustments to any of them. To use this feature, you’ll be required to sign in with your Apple ID and enable the option to use the iCloud Photos choice.

As the sender, use your Photos app, choose the photos you want to send, then click the Share icon and then choose an option to Copy ICloud Link option. After that, you can copy the link onto any platform and then send the link to anyone you like. They will have the ability view the images through your link up until the time you choose to block the access.

Google Drive

A most easy and efficient ways to send many photos is to upload the images onto Google Drive and send the link. All you need is to have a Gmail account and an internet connection. Google Drive was launched by Google in 2012 and has proved to be an excellent cloud storage.

An average user will receive unlimited storage space for 15GB with the option to purchase more storage space. When you upload images into Google Drive, the image quality is the same and the quality remains the same regardless of whether the recipient downloads and views the file.

Another important aspect of this method is its convenience. It doesn’t matter if it’s Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, or any other device or operating system that you are able to use with no difficulty.

Check out the steps below to find out the best way to upload your photos and email your photo link to anyone.

  1. Go to Google Drive. If you do not have an Gmail account, make one and then sign into.
  2. Create an organization. Click on the blank space, then select to select the new Folder option.
  3. Choose your folder name and click Create .
  4. Then, Double-click the name of the folder.
  5. Right-click on the screen and then select the option to upload files option or the Folder upload option.
  6. Find the images and save these to Google Drive.
  7. You should wait a while before uploading the photos onto your drive.
  8. Then, click on the name of the folder beneath the Search bar on the Drive. Click and select Get link .
  9. Click Restrictedand choose to select the option for Anyone who has the link option. Then, select the Add People or Groups then enter the email address, then click the Send button.
  10. Then, press the Copy link Press the button and then press Done .
  11. Then, copy the link into the messaging app or any other place to your intended person.

Microsoft OneDrive

Another cloud storage option that is on our list of cloud storage options is Microsoft OneDrive. It’s a well-organized storage space that lets you upload photos and sort them according to your leisure. It makes sharing process simple. It’s also useful to backup your photos, files and other files.

Once you’ve uploaded your images to OneDrive You can then access them and share them on any device that is registered with your Microsoft account. Standard users will get the initial five GB of storage. Users can gain an additional 1TB cloud storage by moving into an account with Microsoft 365 account.

If you want to share your photos as groups and email them directly to the email address of the person who is sharing them, or simply copy the hyperlink to share them via the platform you want to share them on. Photos shared on OneDrive remain original and won’t change as the user downloads the photos.


AirDrop is a different Apple-based feature that permits shared files via wireless. The feature was launched through Apple in 2011 it is accessible on all devices that are above iOS 7 and OS X 10.7 Lion. It is simple to use and gives users an effortless transfer experience. Thus, sharing a lot of photos on the one Apple gadget to another is effortless with AirDrop.

Utilizing AirDrop you can send any number of images. However, the person or device that you’re about to AirDrop must be within 30 feet. The process to utilize AirDrop is as simple to share it with another platform.

  1. Then, you must open your Photos app and choose the photos you want to use.
  2. Press the Share icon.
  3. Choose AirDrop.
  4. Choose the device or person you would like to share the device with.

There are also some fundamental settings that you must be aware of prior to making use of AirDrop. AirDrop function on an Apple device. Most likely, as AirDrop is Apple built, it only works only on iOS and macOS devices.


Dropbox is similar like Google Photos, where you can upload your pictures and share the photos with anyone you’d like. You can upload lots of pictures on one device, and then use another device that has the same account to upload them to. Users can utilize it on a variety of gadgets, like smartphones and computers.

Users can add another person to the account as well as share the hyperlink to allow other people to view the pictures. It gives users an unlimited storage space of 2GB. You can purchase extra space if this limit isn’t enough to meet your needs. This space isn’t only restricted to photos but also to other file types.

Another advantage of the use of Dropbox is the security aspect which is enhanced encryption technology safeguards the data transmission. Additionally, its user-friendly design makes it easy for users and simple to use. Most likely, if you remove any file or photo from Dropbox it is possible to get it back in 30 days by visiting

Email Services

One of the most significant developments that humans have made is email. It has gone further to transform everything into digital and to create a paperless environment. Not just emails, it also lets you send a variety of file types and attachments, such as images. There are a variety of email providers like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail and many more.

Every email service lets users to send lots of photographs in one go. All you have be able to do is include a number of photographs and then type in the email address of the recipient, and then send the email. If you have stable internet access on both your as well as the receiver’s, your message and the attached images will arrive at the address of the recipient within minutes.

The image quality stays the same, which makes this one of the popular techniques. It is easy and easy, with minimal effort. The only drawback to this method is that it has a limit on the size of files. For instance, you can send files as large as 25MB via Gmail. It is likely that Outlook has an limit that is 20MB as well, while Yahoo Mail lets you send images that are as large as 25MB.

If you’d like the quality of your photos to stay the same, you may select to use email service within the default size limit.

Messaging Sites

Another easy, simple and time-consuming option is to make use of instant messaging websites. Today, the market is overflowing with messaging apps and websites. In this time of technology and social media in which people expect everything to be immediate and quick, this approach is a popular choice for many people.

The greatest benefit of using apps and messaging sites is their ease of use. It’s easy to navigate and the process of selecting images is straightforward. Simply click the AddImage or Add Images icon, or any other button and choose the collection of images you wish to upload.

In most cases, you don’t have to start the app to select pictures from Gallery and Photos. click the Share icon, and a variety of messaging applications and websites will open.

It’s also worth noting that certain messaging websites reduce the quality of images while sending and, as consequently the quality of the image decreases. Furthermore, every messaging website can only allow a certain size to be shared simultaneously.

The following list to be aware of the dimensions limit you can upload at a time on a few of the most widely utilized messaging sites.Facebook Messenger: 25 MBTelegram: 2GB, Premium Subscribers: 4GBViber: 200MBWhatsapp: 16MBIMO: 10GBInstagram: 30MB

USB Drive

One of the easiest ways to send a batch of images to someone is using the USB drive. No matter if the person you’d like to share your photos with is located in the same area as you are, or is not are able to always save a huge amount of images onto your USB drive and hand them to the person you want to share them with.

It ensures two things: the possibility of a large number of photos sharing as well as quality assurance. Since the process involves copying or moving photos from your computer to an USB storage device quality of the photos won’t be compromised. Most likely, based on your USB drive’s size it can be used to transfer lots of images.

In addition, with OTG is a way to connect a USB driver to their Android device through its charging port. It allows users to transfer photos and download them from the USB drive to their smartphones and tablets.

Additional Paying Photos Sharing Services

With the need for more advanced and higher-quality sites continues to rise according to the needs of users developers are able to provide modern and attractive photo-sharing websites and services. These websites and services are of the highest terms of quality and user satisfaction, and they are enticed to pay a certain amount to purchase their services.

The paid services are Amazon Prime Photos, Photobucket, iDrive, Adobe Portfolio and Icedrive. They offer a variety of options and features that make them distinct against other storage services that use cloud technology options and free websites.


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