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Oppo Reno 8 Pro review ( Best Guide )

Oppo Reno 8 Pro review

Oppo Reno 8 Pro review : It’s the Oppo Reno series has been in existence for a while and previously broke records in the market with its Reno series. Reno is the very first phone made in the U.K. equipped with 5G. The most recent version is called the Reno 8 Pro, and it’s not exactly revolutionary this time around.

The Reno 8 Pro is a rival against it’s sibling, the OnePlus 10T which is trying to achieve the similar equilibrium between design, price and performance. It also has a lot of desirable features. OnePlus has a few mistakes on the phone, and so will Oppo (which is, not to be forgotten is OnePlus the brand’s parent company nowadays) make it right?

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Oppo Reno 8 Pro: design

The Reno 8 Pro is a beautiful smartphone with a stunning design and will feel proud carrying around. Oppo has perfected the look of the camera module integrated for its handsets (and the ones from OnePlus also) even though the camera module at one side of the Reno 8 Pro is big but the soft curve around it reduces the impact. It creates a distinct brand identity.

It’s great that these curves exist because otherwise it’s a shame that the Reno 8 Pro is very flat. The sides of the chassis are flat The glass that covers it is smooth and the the back is also flat. It’s fairly comfy to use (the edges are a bit sharp) However, the small weight of 186 grams helps prevent the fatigue. Although it’s made of glass, it’s Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back. The phone comes with a basic IP54 water resistance for an acceptable level of protection.

The light weight and pleasant touch in the hand make it Reno 8 Pro wonderful to use. It’s easily slipped into my bag without hassle and is just the right design to draw the attention of those who see it. The bezels that are small around the 6.7-inch AMOLED screen gives the device a modern appearance when viewed from front.

There are two shades available The Glazed Black is a standard model, and the Glazed Green that we have in our images. It’s difficult to capture justice to the color, since this cool minty color appears stunning in real life. It’s definitely the color to choose if you want to be a little extravagant.

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Oppo Reno 8 Pro: camera

Its Reno 8 Pro uses the same main camera used by that of the Oppo Find X5 Pro which is a Sony IMX766 with 50MP. However, instead of using two camera, it has an average 8MP wide-angle camera as well as the camera is a surprisingly weak 2MP. It’s the same configuration as other phones like the the OnePlus Nord 2T and the 10T model from OnePlus. The front camera is an autofocus 32MP camera as well as some brand new technology that lets it bring in more light than the previous Reno phones to make nighttime selfies enjoyment.

Oppo distinguishes its Reno 8 Pro’s back camera from OnePlus models by incorporating it with its MariSilicon X image processing unit that, according to reports, improves the performance of low-light images in both video and stills as well as other aspects. The IMX766’s main camera can produce stunning photos with a beautiful natural colors, lots of details, and a pleasant HDR effect when in the right setting.

The wide-angle camera has the same issues as those on the lens of the OnePlus10T. Low resolution photographs have noticeable pixelation. there’s noticeable noise in nearly every image, and the low contrast can obscure the details. This isn’t very appealing even. There’s a digital zoom 2x shortcut, but you should use it at your own risk as it makes use of a lot of smoothing. This makes pictures appear artificial.

What’s the deal with your selfie-camera? It’s actually not that bad. It has a decent amount of detail, and autofocus assists in portrait mode to be more precise and skin tones are warm and there’s a useful palm recognition gesture. In the evening, the time when you’ll find the MariSilicon X ISP is supposed to be at its best it automatically utilizes the screen as a fill lightwhich results in stunningly detailed selfies, even in darkness. If you do not use the screen’s fill lighting, the results will be useless.

Photos with low light, generally are generally good. But, I’ve observed that it is easy to create blur, even though the software taking just a few seconds to capture a photo when it’s dark. The example is below in the photo gallery. The camera of the Reno 8 Pro is essentially similar to the OnePlus 10T’s. In the latter, the camera is renowned for producing stunning photos However, other cameras aren’t able to make an impact due to the inadequate resolution and absence of clarity.

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Oppo Reno 8 Pro: Performance and software

The camera on the main screen is excellent The front camera also takes stunning selfies. And the phone is pretty but it’s the processor I found fascinating. This Reno 8 Pro has MediaTek’s Dimensity 8100+ processor that has 8GB RAM and has proven to be an impressive performer. It appears to be proficient at consuming power even when not at its peak, and the life of the tiny battery of 4,500mAh is decent in all usage situations. Gaming Asphalt 9: Legends is an issue even in the long racing, intense race. When you’re playing for hours it’s not a lot of heating buildup at the rear of your phone.

Oppo’s ColorOS 12.1 is based of Android 12 is installed, and the experience is exactly like the Oppo Find X5 Pro, which you can learn further about on our complete Discover X5 Pro review. It’s also quite like the software that comes with the OnePlus 10 Pro. While it’s reliable and fast, ColorOS loves to interrupt with a variety of system notifications . It can also be overly aggressive when it comes to power management. This means that lots of features such as the screen that is always on are turned off by default and need setting up prior to use.

It’s been a hassle-free time using Reno 8 Pro. Reno 8 Pro, and this is exactly what I’m looking for in.

The 6.7-inch AMOLED display is full of color and incredibly high contrast levels, making it always captivating, even without the enhancement mode of color boost activated. Check out the settings and there are options to reduce the brightness of the screen when you don’t enjoy the bright and vibrant images. The video experience is enhanced thanks to the excellent stereo speakers.

It’s been a smooth experience with Reno 8 Pro. Reno 8 Pro, and this is exactly what I would like from a basic, multi-tasking phone. The app isn’t perfect initially as it constantly irritates me by its frequent “this app is using power” reminders until I ask it to shut down. With luck, the issues will be addressed by Android 13’s ColorOS 13. that is expected to launch in the Reno 8 Pro in September.

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Oppo Reno 8 Pro The battery and charging

After a few hours of social media, messages, handful of apps and notifications, as well as snapping photos and being connected to smartwatches The battery of Reno 8 Pro has lasted for a long time. Reno 8 Pro has easily last up to two weeks before needing an energy boost. The phone is working harder but you’ll never be able to reach this. It is possible for 10% of your battery to be gone within 30 mins of playing.

Oppo’s high-power SuperVOOC rapid charging system which, in only eleven minutes the battery has reached 50% charged. In just 30 minutes, the battery is completely charged. In contrast to the camera and design being the primary reasons to purchase the phones — they’re fantastic however they’re not distinctive in the market of smartphones that fall in the mid-range the battery life, performance as well as fast charging are more important and useful in every day usage. The results agree with the company’s claims and that’s excellent. The absence in wireless charging doesn’t look as impressive, however.

If you do push the capacity of your battery, the fast charging system ensures that — as long as you’re close to a wall outlet and you have the charger and cable your phone won’t be without a charge after most hectic days. Charge a phone within 30 minutes means you can say goodbye to charging overnight. If you’ve never had the phone that can charge like this, it can change your life.

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Oppo Reno 8 Pro: pricing and availability

It is available in the Oppo Reno 8 Pro is available in the U.K. starting September 1 for 599 pounds, which works out to approximately $702. It is available for purchase through Oppo’s online store, or through a range of stores that sell retail, such as Amazon, Argos, and Currys as well as networks such as EE, O2, and Vodafone.

If you’re interested, you should buy it on or before September 28th, as Oppo will provide you with one Oppo Pad Air tablet (worth 239 pounds) as a free gift with the Reno 8 Pro purchase, which makes the phone a good bargain.

Oppo doesn’t sell their smartphones within the U.S., so you’d be required to buy this Reno 8 Pro if you’re determined to own one.

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This, or the OnePlus 10T?

Its Oppo Reno 8 Pro costs just a bit less than the OnePlus 10T The main distinction between them is that the OnePlus phone comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 processor as well as slightly quicker charging. Although the Snapdragon chip inside the OnePlus is unquestionably superior I’ve had no problems dealing with MediaTek 8100+ in this. Unless you’re planning on playing intense games for long periods of time, I doubt that you users will notice a significant difference between day and night.

If you’re left with a choice in between Reno 8 Pro and the OnePlus 10T, then the Oppo phone is the best option. It’s less expensive and the materials are much better quality and the design is better and the phone charges nearly as quickly, and the software is nearly identical. The main difference is its processor and when you consider that the rest aspects of OnePlus 10T isn’t as desirable like Reno 8 Pro Reno 8 Pro, it’s not worth it.

Explore your options to the next level, the more affordable None Phone is a good option alongside the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G. If you live in the U.S., the new Motorola Edge (2022) is a good deal and comes with the MediaTek processor and 5G mmWave connection to ensure long-lasting use. Another phone worth considering for those who live located in a country that it is available for purchase, is the iQoo 9T that is even better over its predecessors, the OnePlus 10T and the Reno 8 Pro.

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I’ve had a great time having fun with the Reno 8 Pro. It’s a stylish, functional and simple smartphone. It’s not expensive however, the phone does manage to appear more expensive than it is. This is what you can tell that OnePlus 10T got it wrong and managed to move in the opposite direction.


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