How easy are refreshing drinks and energy drinks to cause sudden death? Nutritionists point to the key, 4 concepts to drink healthy!

Many people will refresh themselves with refreshing drinks and energy drinks, and many people have developed the habit of drinking it every day, and some people even drink more than one can a day. Be careful, overdose may cause personal injury or even sudden death. Manman nutritionist pointed out that the key is not only caffeine, but also reminded that if you really want to drink it, you must have 4 concepts, and drink it healthily to avoid injury.

The common ingredients of refreshing drinks and energy drinks, the
main refreshing key is caffeine?

Manman nutritionist pointed out that the common ingredients of refreshing drinks such as various added sugars, caffeine, vitamin B group, taurine, guarana, ginseng, etc., the most important refreshing ingredient is widely regarded as caffeine, which is the central nervous system. A stimulant, it has a refreshing effect by stimulating the central nervous system. Guarana is also an extract with caffeine. Vitamin B group is a coenzyme, which can assist the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, etc. and convert them into energy under the condition of balanced nutrition. Taurine also helps to increase energy. It is widely found in many seafood and meat. Generally speaking, it is not easy to be deficient. However, it will be lost faster during physical activities such as exercise. All kinds of added sugars are also a source of energy that can be quickly absorbed and utilized by the human body. Ginseng also helps to replenish Qi, stamina, energy, etc., but generally less than other ingredients.

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