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How does lung cancer coexist with the new crown? At the age of 80, he can still climb mountains in the fourth period! Doctor: Stable treatment is the key.

The new crown epidemic has affected the world, and it is more like an enemy for lung cancer patients. Lung cancer patients are a risk group with low immunity and poor lung function. If they are attacked by the virus, it will undoubtedly be worse.

However, lung cancer patients are not only at the mercy of the epidemic, and many patients are well controlled under the epidemic. For example, although some patients were told that there are only 6 months left, they can continue to climb mountains and travel with active cooperation with doctors. , partying with friends, etc. to engage in activities that you like, and it has been going on for more than 3 years. How exactly? In this era of coexistence with the virus, what kind of mentality should lung cancer patients hold? Wu Jiaoen, an associate professor-level attending physician of the Department of Oncology, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou explained one by one.

How do lung cancer patients face the new crown epidemic?

The doctor pointed out 3 hidden worries and advised to return to the doctor regularly.

Dr. Wu Jiaoen said that under the new coronary pneumonia, the most worrying things about lung cancer patients include sequelae and the probability of becoming severe. Patients are also likely to think that it is safe to avoid going to the hospital and reduce the risk when they know that they are a high-risk group. This is not good for cancer patients diagnosed or still undiagnosed.

In recent years, lung cancer has become a disease that can be treated like a chronic disease. However, the longer it is delayed, the more unfavorable the treatment and the relatively poor prognosis. In the past, there was a second stage of lung cancer patients who could have undergone surgical treatment and follow-up observation, but the epidemic situation After a few months of delay, I did not expect it to develop to the third phase, and there were also patients who unfortunately passed away from the third phase to the fourth phase.


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