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High temperature alert! Hyperlipidemia patients beware of stroke due to sweating

With the high temperature in summer, it has become the norm to sweat profusely within a few minutes of going out. However, in addition to making the body feel sticky and uncomfortable, “sweating” may also hide a cardiovascular crisis. Dr. Lin Junren, Department of Cerebrovascular Department of Neurology Center of Taipei Veterans General Hospital, said that most people know that cold weather can cause vasoconstriction and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, but few people know that studies have pointed out that high temperature may also cause stroke hazards. .

Dehydration in hyperlipidemia patients may lead to stroke elders or those with a history of cardiovascular disease should drink more water

Only cold or hot weather will not directly lead to cardiovascular disease. Extreme changes in temperature are the key. Luo Yanyu, director of the Neurology Department of Hualien Tzu Chi, said with a smile, “Otherwise, the equatorial countries and the North and South Pole should have the most strokes.” From a physiological point of view, a sudden rise or drop in temperature can stimulate the sympathetic nerves, increase the heart rate or blood pressure, and induce cardiovascular disease. In addition, in summer, it is easy to sweat, and the water in the body decreases. In the case of dehydration, it is easy to thicken the blood. If it is combined with risk factors such as high blood lipids, it will lead to blood vessel blockage and increase the probability of stroke. “If the blood vessels themselves are in good condition. “In theory, mild dehydration is not a problem, but when dehydration occurs in patients with cardiovascular disease, the risk of ischemic stroke increases.”

Dr. Lin Junren also reminded that the hot weather has a greater impact on the elderly over 65 years old. The elders in the family should add more water in the high temperature environment. People with a history of cardiovascular disease should strictly prevent heat stroke and manage the risk of stroke.


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