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“electric eye”! The most popular double eyelid surgery among students

The new semester is coming, are you ready to welcome the new start with what look? In order to make the eyes brighter and more energetic, in addition to relying on eyelid stickers and makeup, every summer vacation, there are also many young people who quietly become beautiful through double eyelid surgery. What exactly is double eyelid surgery? What are the popular eye shapes? Follow the medical and aesthetic surgeon Xie Jialin to find the most suitable and best electric eye!Double eyelid type
Closed double eyelid:The most common double eyelid eye shape in the East, the crease line of the eyelid will be connected together at the head of the eye, and the crease line will become more obvious as it goes to the end of the eye.Semi-open double eyelid:The crease of the double eyelid is separated from the head of the eye, and the distance to the end of the eye is wider, the vision will be deeper and more energetic than the closed double eyelid, and it is more natural than the open double eyelid.Open double eyelid:Most Westerners belong to this type of eye shape. The crease of this type of double eyelid is almost the same width as the eye, and it will not connect with the head of the eye.



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