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Diabetic patients caught in virus crisis! Experts teach you what to do during the epidemic

Recently, the number of new coronary pneumonia (COVID-19) infections has increased. Although most cases are asymptomatic or mild, diabetic patients still need to be vigilant. In fact, sugar friends not only need to face the new crown virus, but also are often named high-risk groups under the threat of other viruses.

Therefore, it is called for daily life to pay attention to washing hands, wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, vaccination and other epidemic prevention In addition to the measures, more attention should be paid to blood sugar control, and personal health management should be done through healthy diet, regular exercise, regular medication and regular blood sugar and blood pressure measurement.

Dr. Du Side, the attending physician of the Department of Metabolism at Changhua Christian Hospital, said that in addition to the possible health threat of the new coronavirus to people with diabetes, the prevention of other germs also requires active vaccination

According to the American Diabetes Association guidelines, adults with diabetes should receive hepatitis B vaccine, human papilloma virus vaccine, influenza vaccine, pneumococcal vaccine, tetanus, pertussis, diphtheria, and shingles vaccine. Getting these vaccines early can reduce the chance of infection during an outbreak, while reducing the risk of complications and mortality.

Many people with diabetes are wondering whether they can be vaccinated against the new crown. Dr. Du Side explained that they should discuss in detail with the doctor before giving the vaccine, and evaluate the blood sugar control status. If the glycosylated hemoglobin is less than seven, in principle, the new crown vaccine can be vaccinated.

Because the new coronavirus may increase the risk of new-born diabetes, once the unfortunate infection and poor control of blood sugar, the function of white blood cells in the body will decline, the immune system will not be able to resist the bacteria normally, and the severe disease and mortality may increase. If you can strengthen other vaccine prevention at the same time, The risk of subsequent complications can also be relatively reduced.

As for how to protect yourself in daily life, Dr. Du Side explained that it can be distinguished by the severity of blood sugar. If you have diabetes but your blood sugar is still well controlled, it is recommended to improve your lifestyle, maintain a happy body and mind through proper diet control and exercise habits,

so as to keep blood sugar stable and reduce the risk of severe infection. At the same time, people with diabetes must also stabilize their medication, because during the epidemic, blood sugar management is one of the factors that predict whether the new crown will be severe. In addition, self-monitoring of blood sugar is also the key, which can provide doctors with good information and adjust medication appropriately; if it is inconvenient to go to medical institutions, you can also adjust medication through video clinics and other methods to keep blood sugar in a good state, which will help fight the threat of the new coronavirus. At the same time to avoid the invasion of other germs.


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