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[Department of Food and Nutrition] 2nd year School lunch management training “On-campus training” Group 3

In the curriculum for second-year students of the Department of Food and Nutrition, there is a “food management practice” where they learn the duties of a nutritionist. In this practical training, 100 original meals prepared by students are provided each time.
Continuing from the previous post of the 2nd group, this time we will introduce the 3rd group!

Nutritional Guidance and Task Research
We created and distributed nutrition guidance materials in accordance with the provision of meals. Each group considered what kind of content to make, and provided nutritional guidance to the eaters.
At the same time, we conducted a “satisfaction survey” and a “research on meals” for this meal. For research assignments, we set up themes for each group, conducted a questionnaire survey of eating people, and posted the results on campus and at training sites to provide feedback.


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