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Cough a little bloodshot should be checked? Doctors point to common causes and risks, benign can also be fatal!

When the amount of coughing up blood is large, people will be surprised, but they should be alert and seek medical examination as soon as possible. However, if only a little blood is coughed up, the problem is not very big. Or should I check? Chen Zhaokun, the chief physician of thoracic surgery at Chi Mei Medical Center, pointed out the common causes, and reminded to seek medical treatment as soon as possible in case of blood, so as to avoid the fatal risk of benign lesions.

Cough a little bloodshot should be checked?
Coughing up blood may be the cause, as may medicines.

When hemoptysis occurs, it always makes people feel that it is a major disease. Dr. Chen Zhaokun said that although the clinical hemoptysis is mostly based on respiratory diseases, such as bronchiectasis, tuberculosis, lung cancer, koji infection, etc., but actually hemoptysis is hemoptysis. There are also many reasons, such as the cardiovascular system, infection, abnormal coagulation function, trauma, etc., drug effects are also possible, including blood in the patient’s mouth or nasal cavity mistaken for hemoptysis.

Should it be okay to just cough up a little blood?
The case of hemoptysis intensifies emergency treatment to save lives!

In addition to the underlying causes of hemoptysis, people are also worried that hemoptysis may cause life hazards. Dr. Chen Zhaokun said that if hemoptysis causes obvious obstruction of the airway, affects the oxygen exchange function of the lungs, and life is unstable, it is called “massive hemoptysis” or “massive hemoptysis” (massive hemoptysis). / life-threatening hemoptysis), in terms of volume, 150ml in 24 hours, or the amount of hemoptysis that reaches half a cup, or a small amount but causes complications, etc., may cause life-threatening, and you should go to the hospital for emergency treatment immediately.

Once a large amount of hemoptysis affects breathing, it is necessary to protect and stabilize the respiratory tract at the first time. If it is known to be bleeding on the right side, you can lie on your left side with the bleeding side down, and if necessary, perform airway intubation to stabilize the vital signs. Follow-up diagnosis of the cause, identification of the location of bleeding, and the cooperation of a multidisciplinary team of physicians, treatment and treatment of the cause, such as interventional bronchoscopy and treatment, angiographic embolization therapy, and surgical treatment, etc. However, different treatment methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the most suitable treatment method will be selected according to the patient’s situation.

The case was taking medicine and coughing up blood, which became more and more serious.
The examination was bronchiectasis complicated with pneumonia!

Physician Chen Zhaokun also shared a case. A few days ago, a 70-year-old elderly person who had been taking anticoagulant drugs for a long time due to heart disease had coughed up blood threads, but the coughing up of blood became more and more frequent. He went to the Department of Thoracic Medicine of Chi Mei Medical Center for further examination. After the diagnosis, it was found to be caused by bronchiectasis complicated by pneumonia. During the hospitalization for treatment, sudden large hemoptysis caused respiratory failure. After discussion, he underwent left upper lobectomy to save his life, and was transferred to the intensive care unit after surgery.


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