Thursday, February 2, 2023


How easy are refreshing drinks and energy drinks to cause sudden death? Nutritionists point to the key, 4 concepts to drink healthy!

Many people will refresh themselves with refreshing drinks and energy drinks, and many people have developed the habit of drinking it every day, and some people even drink more than one can a day. Be careful, overdose may cause...

“electric eye”! The most popular double eyelid surgery among students

The new semester is coming, are you ready to welcome the new start with what look? In order to make the eyes brighter and more energetic, in addition to relying on eyelid stickers and makeup, every summer vacation, there...

weapon! Such as “cruise missiles” to precisely kill cancer cells

In Taiwan, breast cancer ranks first in the incidence of female cancers and second in mortality. Breast cancer can be divided into five subtypes, of which HER2-positive breast cancer often faces a high risk of recurrence. A 57-year-old working...

silver-haired people? Famous Chinese medicine teaches the way of maintenance!

It seems that more and more people are suffering from allergies that develop in adulthood . Food allergy is an antigen (allergen)-specific allergy caused by food. It causes not only itching of the skin and eyes and hives, but also...

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