Home Games Best places to land in Fortnite during Chapter 3, Season 4

Best places to land in Fortnite during Chapter 3, Season 4

Best places to land in Fortnite during Chapter 3, Season 4

Best places to land in Fortnite during Chapter 3, Season 4

Best places to land in Fortnite during Chapter 3, Season 4: The importance of survival is paramount to survival in Fortnite and even a tiny decision could mean all the difference between early defeat and Victory Royale. If you go to the wrong place at the wrong moment can result in defeat if you don’t take your time. Knowing where you’ll begin your game can get you with a bang which could result in victory. It’s not always the case, however the beginning of a game can prove to be among the key factors which can help you achieve the top. But the thing is that it’s not possible to just get the same locations every time since Fortnite changes significantly in each season. Even in this same time frame, it’s advised to switch up your landing areas because the deadly storms always come at the player from another place. In some cases landing spots can be contested and overcrowded since more people are aware of it, causing you to move elsewhere.

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The most desirable locations to get to in Fortnite

For help in choosing where to start every game, we’ll outline the most optimal locations to be on in Fortnite today, around the moment of Chapter 3 Season 4. This season brings a number of updates to the adored Fortnite map, based on the major changes made in Chapter 3. The new season’s title is Chapter 3, Season 4: Paradise, focusing on the dreadful chrome substance that is slowly taking over the map. This time the map is largely identical, but with some new locations worth mentioning (POIs) as well as a brand new meta. So, you’ll have to keep an eye out for new spots this season, especially due to the addition of the latest Chrome material.

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The locations of interest can change drastically as do the best spots to place your land. Finding the best place to put your feet isn’t easy due to a myriad of factors are involved. In choosing the most appropriate spots at the moment we looked at how much loot that is available, how many players are likely to arrive there, and the physical location as well as its general popularity, as well as the possibility of good in-game spawns.

If you’re one who is a fighter every day or stay in a secluded spot until all of the players have gone there is a start area for you, so you can begin with a positive attitude with every game.

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Reality Tree (Waterfall)

The first item on our list is an intriguing landing spot that is not as contested because it was first introduced in the final season. Reality Tree is home to an enormous, vibrant tree set on top of the water body. Although it’s a nice location in its own however, the location you should be looking for is the series of waterfalls at the northwestern side of the. Since video games have trained us over time that there is in fact an “hidden” area behind the waterfall. Here you’ll find an enormous quantity of treasures, such as chests as well as weapons and items for healing.

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If you’re looking to escape from the area, we suggest taking the path towards the west. This takes you outside the cave, and eventually leads to the bouncy mushroom set which can be used to swiftly get out. If you’re looking to have a blast return the direction you came from, going through the waterfall, and then into the main part in Reality Falls, where there’s likely to be at least one other person.

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The gas station is located north of Rocky Reels

This landing spot is still a favorite from last year’s season because it’s still a fantastic location, particularly if you need to be secure. It’s ideal for those who are new to the sport or those who wish to have a relaxing time and still be close to the zone. The ideal spot to be looking for is the fuel station to the northeast in Rocky Reels. It is best to go to the top of the pump because there’s usually some kind of weapon there. After that, you can jump down and go to the huge truck container. You’ll likely find a chest the container. Then, enter the station. You’ll discover an array of loot as well as chests, particularly within the duct part inside the facility. Take your time, there are food boxes filled with fruits and peppers, in addition to other items for healing.

Additionally, there’s metal in the area, which is worth taking (assuming you’re playing in a mode which has construction). From here, go to the building that is small towards the west, and there are Slurp Barrels as well as other loot. There’s an adjacent car to turn from this location and then head towards zone. The best part is that this is located in the middle of the map. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a problem to make you to your next zone.

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The Temple

Another good landing spot Another great place to stop is The Temple, which is located in the northeast in Lustrous Lagoon. This is a great area because it’s out of way enough that it is free for other users. As it’s a secure zone, we recommend exploring all the structures, and making sure you go to the middle, bottom and the top floor. There’s plenty of loot in this area, including chests or weapons, as well as Slurp Barrels. There’s usually cars spawning to the eastof the main street , that could be used to turn into a zones.

The other reason that makes this place amazing is that it lets players to prepare prior to heading out towards Lustrous Lagoon, which is generally contested. You can certainly get there immediately but you’re more likely to encounter other players, making it more difficult to get through the first drop. It’s possible to be next to someone with an arsenal, and they’ll remove you with ease. If you land at The Temple first, you can get yourself ready before going to Lustrous Lagoon, which is an excellent point of interest that is full of treasure.

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Chonker’s Speedway

Chonker’s Speedway has it all and you’ll need to design your route based on the way you play. This location can be extremely competitive based on the location where you’re playing. Battle Bus starts, but even if yours is a less than aggressive player, you could manage to make this landing area work. There are two main structures located in the area, both offering plenty of loot. Once you’ve landed on the other side, be sure to check whether there are any other players and, if so make sure to stay in a different area so that you can be prepared prior to landing. To do this, we suggest the massive building to the west with plenty of treasure as well as several tire stacks to the rear. They can be used to bounce off the roof to make a quick escape.

There are some chests to be found here that you should open, then utilize the tires to propel yourself into the main area of Chonker’s Speedway. There, you’ll find more treasure. In this stage you’ll be set with at minimum one weapon that can help defend you against enemies in the vicinity. Once you’ve racked up all the loot in the area, you’ll have the option to make use of one of the nearby trucks to gain access to zone once you next encounter a storm is set to hit.

Tilted Towers

Tilted Towers is a popular place to land, but it is likely that you will encounter a lot of enemies when you arrive there. The best part about this location is the fact that it is stuffed with items that includes safes and Slurp Barrels and powerful weapons to help beat the other players. Based on your style of play you may want to be careful in this zone while letting your enemies move around before bringing them into third party while they fight against other players. Make sure to take advantage of with the Bounty Board on the northern side and also.

We always recommend taking note of the other players that could be arriving at this spot. There’s no shortage of options to employ in this region. You can, for instance, visit the northern portion to stock with gear prior to embarking on a boat ride up to Coney Crossroads. Perhaps you’ll want to totally take over Tilted Towers by looting each structure, which typically results in a massive loadout. Whatever the case you’ll find yourself stuffed with equipment once you leave the zone, but staying alive is more difficult than you imagine, especially considering that it’s situated in central part of the game. It is recommended to go in this area if you’re an experienced player, as it’s an extremely hot drop.

Rave Cave

Rave Cave can be another popular drop, however if you are able to survive the initial surge of players then you’ll be in great position to be winning a game. The most popular method is to get inside the bear’s head at highest point of Rave Cave. Inside, you’ll find couple of chests, loot and Slurp Barrels that can give you an edge immediately. It’s likely that you’ll need to battle others who want to achieve the same feat however. The next step is to get down to the area of rave near the base on the mountain.

First, you must descend from the head of the bear to the north. There you’ll find a platform that’s got more treasures, along with the launcher pad, which can help you get out of danger should you need to. There’s another platform below that is situated just off the surface, and with additional gear. From there, you’ll have the tools to be able to tackle anyone in the area however, you don’t need to go there in the event that you don’t want to. Make use of a different launch pad in order to move closer to the middle area, and keep fighting within the cave for an opportunity to collect more loot.

Greasy Grove (Fungi Farm)

The southwest corner of the The southwest corner of Grove is a small section known as Fungi Farm It is home to plenty of mushrooms. It’s even more exciting that the area is home to blue bounce mushrooms that offer 15 shield points every time you leap onto them. They also regenerate within a couple of seconds which means you can use this to boost your shields quickly. Your best chance of loot is to be on top of the huge mushroom that is in this group and it may even contain an item or two. This can serve as a way to look in the vicinity.

Then, head downthe hill, opening chests and collecting loot as make your way. When you’re fully stocked then head to the southwest depot area. Here you’ll discover Slurp Barrels, more bouncy mushrooms, as well as other items. Once you’re finished the area you’ll be able to collect lots of cash which will increase your chances of winning. The only issue is that the area is far from the main road and it is easy to be lost by the storm if don’t pay close attention. If you go towards the northeast, or across the water’s surface there is a chance you will come across trucks, which could be used to reach the safety of.

Reality Sapling

The Reality Sapling mechanic was introduced just a few seasons ago , and it’s still in the latest Fortnite version. Fortnite. There are Reality Seeds from bulbs around the map, which includes the Reality Tree region. Plant the seed and it’ll continue to grow over the course of several matches, eventually producing fruits that are packed with loot. The longer you allow it to develop, the more rare the loot.

The greatest thing about this option is the ability to put seeds on any part of the map, and they’ll stay on the map throughout the match. So, you’ll get a constant supply of loot, without having to fret about battling opponents. We suggest putting your seed in an area you’re comfortable. We, for instance, placed one on the south side of Tilted Towers, which allowed us to be prepared for one of the busiest regions.

Herald’s Sanctum

One of the areas that is new in season 4 will be Herald’s Sanctum located in a place filled with Chrome. This is a brand-new mechanic this season, which allows players to move through walls before turning into a chrome blob in order to easily escape from opponents. Herald’s Sanctum is home to Chrome chests that give you the latest Chrome weapons, as well as Chrome Splashes. Additionally, you can get the access Chrome Splashes by destroying the trees that are in this area.

As one of the primary sources of Chrome It’s most likely to be a battleground which is why you’ll need to have a weapon as well as other equipment right away to protect yourself. If you’re not confident in your skills, we’d suggest taking a different route, since this is a difficult area to navigate, especially during the beginning in the summer. There are many vehicles near, so once you’ve well-stocked, you’ll be able easily travel.

‘Loon Pawntoon

The final landing area is one that was previously recommended, and it’s a unique one. It’s the random ‘Loon Pawntoon boat, which has spawns at different places every match. This is why landing in the same spot repeatedly can be difficult and if you happen on it then you’ll be in good condition. In Season 4, the boat floated over the water, so should you miss it, just take the zipline to get to it. It is recommended to take a close glance around the edges of the map prior to you leap off on the Battle Bus, which is the location where the hidden loot boat is located.

There’s plenty at ‘Loon Pawntoon, including food foraged and Slurp Barrels and other foraged products traditional chests, and a wealth of other materials. It also has a pad on the top to bounce back down to the shore, which can be useful when the storm is closing in. The bottom line is that this landing area isn’t the most reliable because it’s not easy to locate, however should you spot it, you must consider visiting it since it’s so efficient. Make sure you keep your eye on a keycard while you gather the loot. This will give you access to new vaults.


Vaults are also brand-new this time around, at least, in how you can access the vaults. Everywhere you look are vaults with a wealth of powerful and rare loot. However, in order to get inside, you’ll must find keys. Due to this, it isn’t easy to gain access to the vaults scattered around the map. We recommend finding a place close to the vaults , so you can enjoy exploring chests.

In this map, you can find vaults which require two keys to get into, however they have more treasure. Most vaults require only one key, so try your best to unlock the most chests you can to improve the chance of opening them. To ensure your safety it is advisable to head to Chonker’s Speedway, where you’ll discover two vaults nearby within the area.



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