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Best Minecraft Faction Servers in 2022

Best Minecraft Faction Servers in 2022

Best Minecraft Faction Servers in 2022 : The faction plugin is an excellent method to play on Minecraft server. It is possible to create a group and an army that are all in the same boat as you. Farm, build and construct a gorgeous kingdom within the server. You can also expand your group and take on other factions as well.

There are a myriad of things you can do as a team.

It’s not just a game of PVP or battle royale game, but an array of management players in order to create a living world in which each player is tasked with helping build a small town to a thriving town, or to join forces to rob the resources of other players.

Share your time and effort together to create awesome factions. Be sure to defend your assets against rival factions, as there are a lot of greedy groups that increase their power by taking over towns and villages.

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The Best Faction Servers Minecraft

There are a lot of interesting tales about the conflict between the factions, when an intruder from one faction steals resources , and is killed by players from another faction.

Fighting each until death is the norm for factions, but the main reason for factions is to create and gather resources, as it requires less time and more fun when you make new friends who can be exceptionally helpful and help in your quest.



One of the biggest server for factions in Minecraft that has all the essential groups that contribute to various areas like sky wars, build battle bed wars, duels and many more.

Join forces with your other friends to embark on an epic adventure to conquer the sky in sky wars , or fight against other players around the world in a build fight. Hypixel also features an exchange business system should one be looking to be a vendor in Hypixel. There are a variety of mini-games as well as more than one million friendly Minecraft players so you’ll not have a problem registering and starting.

The most exciting aspect can be when your pals band together to defeat the most formidable bosses in the various regions of the server. There are numerous bosses to keep you in awe. Apart from boss fights there are occasions where things get a little more exciting and you are required to take on various roles.

Make your own gear, as there are a myriad of brand new and exclusive weapons and armors. It’s a large crowd of Minecraft players playing on the same server.



Massive Craft is a massive server that allows players to combine all mini-games as well as games into one. Players can seamlessly make use of their weaponry and craft to move from one place to another.

Players are now able to claim their land and join with friends. With a few simple commands, they can create their home spawn location so players can instantly teleport towards their base. There are numerous options available in MassiveCraft which are different in comparison to other faction servers. Players can choose from a wide variety of options for customization, including bosses, mobs and other things.

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This server is ideal for those who wish to begin to play since there are server-created factions for players to join and begin enjoying themselves.

In contrast to other servers which require you to battle with your fellow players to gain or make items and craft items, the MOXMC server will set players with the necessary gear to get you started in your fight.

This server is great for beginners Minecraft players since there are towns with veteran players who are open to new players and offer the skills needed to engage in battles based on survival..



With numerous quests, battlesand seasons, and claims to land players can expect to spend hours of their time spent in the huge as well as competitive universe of Archon. One of the top Factions featuring aggressive and serious players that are skilled enough to construct and create incredible objects.

The reason for this type of competition is due to the real-world cash prizes offered by servers throughout the year. Servers also host a variety of competitions and events, where the winning team gets a cash prize that is determined by the server.

The server known as the faction is for its magic mod that is unique to the game. As a fantasy server the game keeps its magic by using the Mana system in which every magic weapon, magical spell or ability is based on the cost and consumption of Mana.

Mana Cube


Mana cube has always provided the best services up to date. The server is open to players to form an alliance and participate in various activities organized in the Server.

Mana cube keeps the server up-to-date by introducing new features every time an update is released.

With their weekly events including games, events, and clans who help each other out, players can join communities that have new members who can help their clan grow and compete against other clans.

You may also claim your land on five distinct dimensions that allow you to collect and extract every unique resource that is located within these dimensions.



This server for factions is like being plunged into the world of massively modified maps in which you do not just have to survive, but excel to take on all the bosses that are in-game. Discover hidden treasures, secrets and treasures within The LifeSteal the faction server. In essence, it’s SMP but with a modified map.

One thing you should start immediately is to create an alliance or join another faction since long-time players with powerful armor and weapons will easily beat you at the start of. A team can aid in protecting your tools and assets. They can also assist you to advance in the game as you fight alongside them.


IP: Java:
IP: Bedrock:

It offers a variety of games to play with your pals. It offers a variety of mods available including magics, boosters and even crafting distinctive items to make PvP more exciting.

The best part is that you can play Opblocks in bedrock editions, too. Console gamers now have a variety of games to pick from. There are a range of game modes or just create your own game for your friends to join in. With its endless levels and the changing of seasons, the new Opblocks comes with a wide range of options to offer to both new and old players.



Snapcraft creates its server using simple yet unique methods. Things like the development of relationships between players, one-person factions, and claiming land anyplace are among the features of Snapcraft, along with many other things that make it a thrilling game to play.

You can create your own map, and then organize PvP battles that invite players from servers. The best part about Snapcraft is it allows you to solo plate into a one-on-one arena battle. This makes battles extremely intense and reliable as you won’t need to depend on your team members to help in the event of a crisis, only to have them leave in the midst of a crisis.

With all kinds of possibilities, including imagination, you can create whatever you like as well as invite friends and family to join in around with your design.

Mineland Network


Mineland network offers thousands of games which are accessible through it’s central hub. As the name implies it is a vast network of games to keep you entertained and engaged for long hours. From sky block to the lucky block mods, it contains the majority of mod games we have found in Minecraft versa.

You can form your own group and participate in thousands of other players to build your community. The game also has economic mechanisms, such as trades and the purchase of exclusive items. Like Roblox where creators create their own game and then upload it onto the servers, Mineland is also able to develop its own game. The creators are able to upload it to the central network so that other players can join and play their games.

Lemon Cloud


With its frequent updates and features lemon cloud has the top position among dedicated servers.

It has its OP(Operator Status) Based faction. Players are now able to make use of the many command functions offered by the server like changing game modes, weather, time and more. Lemond Cloud constantly updates its server with fresh material.

Alongside sky wars and bed wars, which are now essential for every competitive server The lemon cloud also gives players other features including OP Prison, OP creative builds, survival rest and numerous other.

Pika Network


Welcome to the Pika Network. You will discover friendly staff members, players and administrators who will assist you in introducing Pika Network to your friends. Pika Network server. Like Mineland Network, Pika Network hosts many games within.

Skyblock that has survival, which requires you to expand your island, construct magnificent houses , and be the most renowned player in the world. Skyward is a place to demonstrate your sword and bow-skills and become the most powerful player. Prison server includes RPG features that let you climb the ranks through mining, create by claiming plots and exploring the world of skyward once you get to the free rank. You can also see the other games that players have created.

In all game modes for servers there are bound to find built-ins that are way beyond the imagination of the developers of servers.



The site has a lot of players and players can meet friendly players to build relationships with and embark for adventures with.

There are new skills including armor sets, weapons potions, and more that are enhanced gameplay mechanics that allow players to balance the game using powerful tools and skills. The competition is intense and at times it can be quite frustrating when players buy incredible items. If you’re here to play for fun and not compete but instead to have fun creating, crafting, or farming, this faction server may not be right suitable for you.

However, if you’re hoping to be among the top. Building automated farms and creating machines, Jartex Network will provide you with the tools you require.

Purple Prison


The most well-known prison server, with new features along with achievement plugins. Even though it’s called Purple Prison and is concentrated on servers that are based in prisons the game mode machines and gameplay are identical on all servers, which includes factions too.

One of the distinctive and most appealing aspects of Purple Prison is that it has economic management. Everything is controlled by auctions, trades and transactions for objects. It is also possible to turn off the PvP mode, and take a break from the chaos of Minecraft.


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