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Best grenade and smoke spots in Dust 2

Best grenade and smoke spots in Dust 2

Best grenade and smoke spots in Dust 2 : No matter what map you’re playing on in the CS:GO game there are things that separate you from the other players in the players in the lobby. Your goal and understanding of the map will help you keep an inch ahead of your players.

Although you’ll typically have to rely on yourself during situations where you’re one-on-one however, you can gain an advantage by throwing couple of important grenades and smokes that could surprise your adversaries.

The quick throw of a grenade towards the direction you’re going will help free some space. There are also “grenade/smoke places” which let players throw throwables towards important places on the map without having to reveal their faces to the opposing team.

The following grenade points within Dust 2 can allow you to shield your teammates pushing you or to flank players, as they’ll allow you to move around as well.

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The Xbox smoke

In the wake of one of the recent major changes to the map that was followed by a change in the middle AWP duels were not as difficult to achieve because of the vision from the T-spawn area to the middle getting blocked, the dynamics of taking control of the middle was altered. So, if you’re on the defensive side, you should consider smoking off the Xbox and allowing you to cut short more easily.

It’s quick and simple to make smoke grenade that is quick and easy to use. Simply stand near the wall’s edge at the T-spawn point and focus on mid-section of the tiny window in the building that is in the front of you. After that, you must simultaneously jump to release the explosive that should land on the xbox, blocking eyes of the counter-terrorists who are watching the area.

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It’s the long corner of A smoke

If you’re planning to move toward the A-side of the building, you’ll need to utilize smoking smoke from the corner to improve your chances of passing these long gates. When you’ve done it right it will block CT’s view and be able traverse the long doors unharmed so long as enemy doesn’t blindly flood through it.

This smoke can be found within the Tspawn and you’ll need to move to the right of the building to the long outside.

There’s pipes on the wall. You’ll be required to target another valve. Throw the smoke while jumping and it will land in between Side pit, and Blue that will obscure the view of anyone looking out at the wall from Long A.

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Long A Flash

Smokes are great at blocking enemy vision, and also ensuring you have the ground for control, there are times when they may not suffice. Overall they might be able to be able to see the coming smokes and move or even slash in blindly through the smoke it’s not hard to accomplish while playing CT.

It is therefore recommended to keep a close eye on smokes using flash grenades. They will completely block the opponent’s vision for a couple of seconds. They are extremely useful in eco rounds when the aim is to speedily move to A with a long.

Like the long A smoke, flashes that are thrown from the area below will land in the same place and make enemies blind if they try to look through the doors. Move to the side long, and aim for the top of the wall that is behind the car. Throw the smoke, and then start running towards the long doors in order to maximize your flashbang.

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Deep CT cross smoke

You’ll need to be thinking quickly when you’ve won the find on the long A, as well as the T side is the one you’ll need to think of. Chances are that the CT players on that B-side will begin heading towards A. You’ll have to stop them from seeing.

The smoke allows you to block the view below the shorter A. Take a left after crossing the long doors, and aim toward mid-section of tiles prior to turning towards the right. Then, you’ll need to focus at the antenna behind and then shoot your smoke, but not jump.

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The cross smoke

This cross-smoke is a different variant to the deep CT cross-smoke. This option is more suitable in situations where you need to work with your team members since you don’t be required to stop as in the previous version.

Smoke your cigarettes after you have passed the long doors. Point it towards the edge of the crossing. Begin moving towards the long A, then jump to into the air.

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It’s the smoke from B Door.

In most instances it is the CT team has a backup in the middle who can assist both sites and A according to where the T presses. The B door provides an unobstructed view to the person who is there, and the smoke helps ensure that they don’t reach an inaccessible top.

Take a walk to the B tunnels on the upper side and take a look at the ceiling from a position close to the box, just next to the door. Put your smoke between the gaps at the bottom right corner.

The smoke from the B entrance

The B site in Dust 2 is known as one of the most difficult to retake, especially when you’re not equipped with the same amount of manpower as terrorists. Retaking players from CT will have a lot of places to inspect and constantly be aware of the entry point to the area, where one or two enemies could wait for the perfect time to appear.

To stop them from moving while you’re inspecting the site or to just get rid of him the area, you must smoke your vision. For this take a step outside the window and focus on the edge of the middle portion on the wood crane.

When you’re ready, put out the smoke. It should be ready within two seconds.

Middle CT smoke

Sometimes it is best to defend with effective offense. In the event that you’re playing as an eco or just want to surprise opponents by grabbing control of the tunnels in the middle or lower it is necessary to have some coverage, particularly from the top of the mid. It is therefore recommended to blur T’s vision so that your enemies are unable to recognize you from either the top or right mid.

The smoke is very simple to create. After you have left your CT center, go right next to the wall, and then place yourself in the corner. You can aim your smoke to the upper left of the ladder and then throw the smoke.

A Molotov site

In the majority of cases, when using the A site, one of your opponents is camping right at the spot and waiting for you to get close enough that they can take your by surprise. It is easy to lure him away with an Molotov.

When pushing with a short, stop at the left side of the wall and focus on the top of the last step, as shown in the image below. Once you’re at the right point, begin pushing and then jump-throw the nade once you’ve hit the box that is in the direction of your.

These are some of the most tactical smoke/grenade locations on Dust 2, but you can also throw more effective ones by using your imagination and a little bit of physics.

In the majority of cases you’ll have to make choices on the spot, but there are times that you’ll gain from a straightforward game like CS:GOgrenade throw, instead of more complicated ones.

Excellent grenade points that are located on Dust 2 can greatly impact your CS:GO game. They can give players an edge over your adversaries while keeping you and your team secure. We have the top locations for grenades in Dust 2 right here.

The new CS:GO Dust 2 map has introduced new players to the game but it added a few popular grenade areas all over. It’s left players to find the most effective locations for grenade emplacements for Dust 2 all over again.

We’ve collected a list of the top grenade points you’ll find in Dust 2 to help you navigate the famous map while also turning the tide of a difficult battle.

Popflash grenade spots

Popflashes are intended to stun and blind enemies at random, sending the enemy into panic, possibly allowing you to leap into their area and wipe them out. If you can place them correctly, a Popflash could change the game, therefore it’s crucial to get the perfect locations.

Popflash Long A

A Long Doors

Do as much as you can an impressive Popflash at this area.

Sometimes, inflicting damage on enemies is not always the best option when trying to take over a particular area in the world map. In some cases, all you have to do is to stun them before going to kill them.

This is particularly helpful for rushing through the long A which is especially important because of the frustrating doors that everyone is always peeking through. Here’s how to frighten the enemy and gain an immediate advantage:

  1. From Head To Long
  2. Look towards the entrances
  3. Left-Click to throw the ball towards the doors and begin moving towards them.

Popflash B Site

Throwing a popflash at B

Make sure you are careful when you aim and then shock your opponent and give you the best advantage.

Popflashes are great to give you an enormous advantage when you are attempting to take over a place. They can be extremely deterrent to enemies however it doesn’t force you disadvantage yourself , as smoking grenades typically do.

The Popflashing B spot is among the most effective methods to get into the crowded and dangerous area. Here’s how to find one of the most popular Popflash locations within Dust 2:

  1. Head towards Main Street. Head to Main and stand next to the Lockbox
  2. Make sure you point your crosshair to the right of the sign.
  3. Do a few strides and left-click to throw.

A Long Time Popflash by T Spawn to A Long

Throwing a flash over to A Long in CSGO

The right throw isn’t easy. Practice your throws.

Gaining an advantage as quickly as possible is essential in order to achieve your goal quickly. This is especially important for terrorists trying to achieve A swiftly and effectively.

Flashing your enemy’s flash prior to rushing the crucial section of Long A can mean the crucial difference between life and death. Here’s how to flash a Long from Terrorist Spawn:

  1. Take a look at the doors that lead to the Long T Spawn
  2. Place your feet on the vehicle
  3. Do the right-click jump and throw your body over the walls to A Long.

He grenade spot spots

HE grenades are among some of the most potent grenades found in the game CS:GO. They’re quite damaging and an impressive area of impact However, you’re only given one of them, so it’s crucial that to ensure that every shot counts.

The HE Grenade is a Short

Throwing a HE grenade to A Short

Keep your distance and eliminate your adversaries by using the Dust 2 grenade shot.

He Grenades could cause serious damage to teams when they are used at the right time. Throwing one in A Short is a great idea when players are racing CT spawn or trying to block any Terrorists from getting close to A.

Another reason this is an excellent grenade target is you can hit A Short while not being noticed by anyone else, and still remain in A Under A it. Here’s how:

  1. From Head To Under
  2. Place yourself on the top of the boxes in the corner.
  3. Try to target the left building and click left to to throw.

A Main HE grenade grenade

Throwing an HE grenade into B Main

Make sure you shoot this grenade quick to maximize the players already there.

This is the most popular place to grenade Counter-Terrorists as it can stop any enemy from entering B Main at the start game. battle.

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It is best to make use of an Molotov as well, but it can be achieved with an HE grenade, if you do not want to carry both. Here’s how to get rid of any B Main swarmers:

  1. Begin at B doors, and then go at B Main.
  2. (optional) focus on B main, then throw an Molotov
  3. Focus on B main, and left-click to to throw the HE grenade
  4. With your team, rush B and take out any living person

HE grenade Lower Tunnels

Throwing a grenade at lower tunnels

Make sure to be careful and clear the tunnels below before moving through.

The lower Tunnels in Dust 2 are typically populated with enemies that prefer to remain in the shadows and attack players who are not. This is a risky area to traverse unless you’re equipped with the appropriate tools to eliminate it quickly.

A strategically placed HE gun will clear the area of threats and allow you to push forward or control it by yourself. This is how you can do it:

  1. Go toward through the Lower Tunnels, particularly the doors located beneath the streetlight.
  2. Take a stand under the streetlight, and aim for the summit of the tower in front of you.
  3. Left-Click to throw it toward the top of the tower.

Clean up Pit campers

Throwing a grenade in the pit

Stealth is crucial in a place like this.

There are a few aspects of CS:GO that are as frustrating as the campers. Particularly when they’re concealed in the pit by the Long Doors. They’re in a great spot and could take you out before you are able to take several shots.

Here is when a properly-timed HE weapon comes to help. Each one will cause death or force the person out of their spot, ready to shoot. Here’s how you can eliminate all irritating campers:

  1. Take a walk towards A long Doors and keep away from view of the Pit
  2. Be sure to hit the wall if you’re using a grenade. Or, bend it so that it lands on the area they’re in when using an Molotov
  3. Throw

These are the top places to throw grenades on those playing the Dust 2 map in CS:GO. Do you want to check for our CS:GO hub for additional tips and information? In the meantime you can try some of these:

Molotov spots

Molotovs aren’t dangerous unless your enemy is caught in the flame. It’s a great weapon to draw out people who are camping, so that your team will be able to eliminate them quickly or stop an influx.

The denial of any new Car is a way to cover up

Throwing a molotov at the new car spot

Make sure to focus your eyes and draw the campers.

The re-design in Dust 2 has introduced a number of new gameplay options and one of them is a new area to hide in the form of New Car. It’s a subdued hideout that prevents your view as players go through the A Long and is a perfect location to snare the enemies.

If you’re trying to prevent people from doing that,, then you must shoot the Molotov on the vehicle to get the players to come out of their area. Here’s how you can get the perfect shot:

  1. Get in the Long Barrel Long Doors
  2. Click left to to throw an Molotov across the sign for the saloon

Molotov in the B’s back

Throwing a Molotov at B Doors

Take out the plans of the enemy in B by strategically placing a Molotov.

Molotovs are fascinating grenades that you can use during combat. They last a long time, and have broad range of action and are extremely irritating for enemies.

A throw in a heavily populated zone can swiftly alter the direction of battle and bring out opponents to take down. Here’s how to make the best B-Site Molotov toss:


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