Saturday, November 26, 2022



Teijin Water-soluble dietary fiber “Inuria” adopted for school lunch bread in Shizuoka Prefecture, provided to up to 310,000 people

Teijin Limited (President: Tetsushige Uchikawa) announced on August 24 that the water-soluble dietary fiber "Inuria" was adopted at the Shizuoka Prefecture school lunch party...

New flavor of “Alpro” oats milk with plenty of dietary fiber “Alpro Dietary Fiber & Iron Oats & Cacao Luxury Chocolate Taste 250ml”

Danone Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, President: Laurent Bossier) today announced the launch of flavored oat milk "Alpro Dietary Fiber & Iron Oats"...

Teijin Water-soluble dietary fiber “Inuria” adopted for school lunches

Teijin recently announced that the water-soluble dietary fiber "Inuria" has been adopted as a material for school lunch bread provided at elementary and junior...

How much sugar should you eat in a day? Be careful not to eat too much or too little!

“I hear that too much sugar is not good for your body, but how much do you need in a day?” "If it's for the...

[Department of Food and Nutrition] 2nd year School lunch management training “On-campus training” Group 3

In the curriculum for second-year students of the Department of Food and Nutrition, there is a "food management practice" where they learn the duties...

A food revolution is coming! ?Possibility of Japan’s first “high dietary fiber wheat”

The interviewee was Mr. Murakami, who had been in charge of quality control at Nisshin Flour Milling for more than 20 years. Nisshin Flour...

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