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Astro A20 Wireless (Gen 2) Review

Astro A20 Wireless (Gen 2)

Astro A20 Wireless (Gen 2): Although it’s only a number of games It’s clear that the PS5 is a new experience that’s unlike anything we’ve had. In addition to the incredible speeds of its SSD and the amazingly awesome DualSense controller The PS5 is an enormous improvement in comparison to the PS5. Of of course there is no gaming experience complete without a high-quality audio system that is why if you wish to make the most from the PS5 you need to have the best audio quality that you can find. 

This Astro A20 Wireless headset is a standard for console gaming for a long time and now, with version 2 the iconic headset is now sporting an upgrade to PS5 style. One of the top headsets has been upgraded to be even better when you upgrade to the PS5 I strongly recommend switching into the Astro A20s while you’re at it.

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The Astro A20 is a console-oriented headset which is also compatible to PC as well as Mac. It comes in two models which are white/blue on PlayStation and green/white for Xbox. I tried both versions on the PlayStation edition (which can be used with PS4 or PS5) and was amazed by the experience.

The PS5 does not come with an automatic setting for wireless (for reasons) which means you’ll have to have an adapter that connects wirelessly. The good thing about this is you’re able to simply take the wireless adapter and connect it to your PC to get an instant connection. It doesn’t require Bluetooth pairing or settings to tweak -you just plug it into the computer and you’re good to go. 

I’m not a fan of a 2 inch dongle that sticks in my PS5 in all honesty however, to the credit of Astro it’s smaller and lighter than the prior version. You can connect it to the USB port located on the rear of your console, and it’s just as good when tucked inside the cabinet. It is just important to be cautious not to pull the console back as any pressure put on this adapter will cause it to break. I would like to see them choose an adapter with a right angle in the future. I would think it’s safer and more visually appealing.

The headphones themselves look amazing and are comfortable to wear. Blue and white colors match to the PS5 along with the DualSense controller flawlessly creating the A20s appearance even more professional than the official PS5 headphones “Pulse 3D” headphones from Sony.

The headset is made of plastic and lightweight and, while it’s not as comfortable or have the type or “premium” feel that the Astro A50s have but it’s a sturdy headset, and most important, it’s extremely comfortable. The headband can be adjusted to not be too tight, and the cups are comfortable enough to wear for the entire the day long, even when wearing glasses.

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In terms of specifications with regard to features, it’s a bit basic. A20 headset is pretty basic. The right earcup is equipped with an power button and volume control and an equalizer that has three options for presets. This is perfect for those who switch between music and games or films. The PS5 comes with the majority of streaming apps and can be used as a media centre, the A20 headset enhances the versatility of the PS5 quite well.

The second version of the A20 headset comes with a greater range and longer battery longevity. Moving from upstairs to downstairs in my house did lead to a few cutouts, but I didn’t experience any audio drop even when listening to music in the living area or going into the kitchen. Astro promises 15 hours of battery time, I’m thinking I’ve actually got longer.

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The microphone, in the end, has what I’d classify as a perfect fit. It has the flip-up mutes style that is my preferred choice and the sound quality is great — certainly superior to the microphone that is built in the DualSense. One thing to bear in mind is when playing a game such as Astrobot that requires players to blow into your controller must blow into the microphone of the A20 instead.

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I’ve never played console games using headphones when I was growing up, but I’ve grown to appreciate the value good sound quality can add to the gaming experience. A new console should have new headphones, and the Astro A20 headset is a great upgrade.

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