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A food revolution is coming! ?
Possibility of Japan’s first “high dietary fiber wheat”

The interviewee was Mr. Murakami, who had been in charge of quality control at Nisshin Flour Milling for more than 20 years. Nisshin Flour Milling’s “quality control” is not limited to the so-called quality control at the factory, but is also responsible for negotiating with the raw material wheat producing countries, etc., and responding to customers.

Mr. Murakami previously served as a technical committee member of the Flour Mills Association, and had the role of representing the Japanese flour milling industry and conveying the quality of wheat required by Japan to the wheat-producing countries of the United States, Canada, and Australia. He is a so-called “flour specialist” who knows wheat and flour from upstream. In the import and sale of this high-fiber wheat, we acted as a point of contact for negotiations with the developer, ARISTA, and played a central role.

The first hurdle for the project was ARISTA’s unique policy of contracting with only one company per country. The criterion for selecting a company is not quantity, but how seriously they will work on high-fiber wheat.

“Actually, in the U.S., the fifth largest company in the industry has a contract, and even though we have the top share in the domestic market, it was a competition where we couldn’t let our guard down. If we can’t get a contract, we can’t deal with high-fiber wheat.

An important matter for the company’s future. Under Mr. Murakami’s initiative, not only the Technology Development Headquarters and the Production Headquarters, but also other departments got involved, answered questions from ARISTA, and presented various proposals for using high-fiber wheat. Nisshin Flour Milling was successfully selected as a sales partner in Japan and China due to its quick response and forward-looking proposals.


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