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【Famous Column】Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician Guo Yourui / Is it glaucoma with sore and stinging eyes? Eye TCM recommends 3 teas to help protect your eyes!

The eyes are sour and astringent, which are often related to overuse of the eyes.

There are many reasons for sore eyes, but the steps of the disease are similar. First of all, there will be a feeling of soreness. Many patients can even clearly distinguish the difference between sour and astringent. Eye soreness is caused by the fact that the eyeball is focused for a long time (overuse of the eye), the number of times of eye closure is reduced, the secretion of tears is relatively reduced, and the muscles of the eye are over-regulated, resulting in fatigue phenomenon; astringent eyes are really lack of tears. It may be caused by the refractive error of the eyeball or the glare of the light. Of course, the air humidity is too low, staying up late or lack of sleep, menopause, autoimmune diseases, etc. can also cause dry eyes.

Pay attention to 6 symptoms such as dry eyes and halos, which are highly related to glaucoma!

Long-term dry eyes and lack of tears will cause the eyes to feel red, swollen and stinging, which may cause conjunctivitis. Sometimes dry eye is combined with blurred vision, photophobia, darkened vision, increased secretions, and diplopia. People worry about whether it is glaucoma that causes eye pain. Therefore, if you find that in addition to dry eyes, you also see rainbow halos, eye socket or eye pain, migraine headaches or even vomiting, which is closely related to glaucoma.

Lycium barbarum and chrysanthemum tea is not a panacea, so it is advisable to discuss with Chinese medicine tea drinking and eye-catching

For the use of daily ingredients, it is still necessary to consult a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, because most patients feel that they have problems with their eyes and they will use “eye protection prescription” wolfberry and chrysanthemum tea. In fact, this is not the case. For example, if people with dry eyes have red conjunctiva, Pain, eye mucus and yellow color, of course, you can use wolfberry chrysanthemum tea, but the dose of wolfberry is less, and the dose of chrysanthemum is more; if there are other symptoms than the above, there will be burning sensation in the eyes, and there will be too much eye mucus. , that is, an increase in watery secretions, which is infectious conjunctivitis. At this time, chrysanthemum and honeysuckle should be used for treatment; if the eyes are simply dry, the conjunctiva is not red, and there is no eye mucus around the eyes, this situation is “yin” “Deficiency”, you can use more moisturizing medicinal materials such as wolfberry, lotus root, Ophiopogon japonicus, yam, etc., the effect is more significant.


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